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How to use Betika bonus in Kenya for each client?

how to use betika bonus

Bonuses that allow to win on betting, simple terms and conditions for receiving rewards and their wide range – that’s what distinguishes Betika bonuses from others. It is enough to engage in betting, and the company will offer a good reward. It is not difficult to get it. You do not have to enter promotional codes and search for them online, most offers are available to all registered customers. To make sure of this, just read the terms of promotional offers.

The Betika jackpot bonus is an advantageous offer as it gives the opportunity to win much bigger amounts of money than under other conditions. The main thing is to sign up into the bookmaker’s company and start betting with its help, as well as familiarize yourself with the basic conditions.

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How to get and use an impressive Betika bonus?

Unlike other companies operating in the Kenyan market, Betika registration bonus isn’t provided. Incentive prizes may not be expected, but it is possible to take advantage of the wide range of permanent offers available within the multi-bets sector.

In order to figure out how to use bonus in Betika, you do not need to use promo codes. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with how a particular promotion works and execute its conditions. For example, to make a series of bets. In this way, you can use Betika jackpot bonus without entering a special code. It is available to everyone who wants to get privileges from the bookmaker and increase the benefits of sports betting.

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Methods for obtaining Betika bonus

To take advantage of the special offers on the sports bets in Betika, you should first explore the terms and conditions that the bookmaker has developed for its customers. This will help to understand how the Betika bonus is calculated and what terms you need to satisfy in order to get real money. In most cases it is enough to make a certain number of bets.

This is how the 100 million grand jackpot bet promotion works, which involves placing an Express on 17 bets at once, of which 12 to 16 bets should win. The Betika bonuses are awarded to all participants and the jackpot is then played between them. Despite the low odds to predict, how many outcomes will be the winning ones, money can be successfully received by many clients in Betika Kenya.

In addition, there may be requirements regarding the amount of bets, number of games and other nuances, which is noteworthy – the bonus can be played both daily and over a certain period. For example, Betika free jackpot bonus is provided weekly or drawn during the week, which gives the opportunity to constantly compete for free bet and receive other types of company bonuses.

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Varieties of free special Betika jackpot bonus available

At the moment there is no Betika registration bonus available in the betting company. Clients are attracted by other opportunities that allow them to earn more profits. They are called jackpots, among which we can highlight:

  1. Sababisha daily jackpot – only certain games are used and you need to make forecasts for real money. By choosing bets of 10-100 shillings, you can get Betika jackpot bonus of up to 100 000 KSH. If a bet of 20-200 shillings is made, the jackpot bonus will be increased to 200,000 KSH. At the same time, you will need to buy with real money the bonuses used in Sababisha.
  2. Betika bet-sharing – the campaign involves people who have attracted other bettors through a unique link to the website. Betika registration bonus for invitees is not provided anyway, but the creator of the link accumulates not only clicks on the links, but also the amounts of bets. The leader of the weekly ranking will receive 100,000 shillings, there can be 20 winners in total.
  3. 100 million grand jackpot bet – 17 games are included in the jackpot, and you can get Betika jackpot bonuses if you have made a successful Express bet, where 12-16 outcomes will ne the winning ones.
  4. Betika 15 million midweek jackpot – this jackpot consists of 15 games, bonuses are awarded for 12-14 correct forecasts in the Express. With this offer it is possible to win up to 15 million shillings, a record amount for the Betika bonus.
  5. Stake back bonus – this offer demonstrates the loyalty of the bookmaker to all players, as it gives the opportunity to return some of the lost money. The multibet should consist at least of 7 games and the average odds of each outcome should be at least 1.5. If one outcome is lost, all other bets will be refund back.

Several other offers are also available, but for those who like to try their luck, there is Betika lucky 6. In fact, it’s a lotto that predicts drop-down numbers. If the displayed balls match the specified numbers, the bettor will be able to increase the bet significantly. The process of the game is shown in live mode, so, you can learn about the victory or failure immediately.

You do not need to make a deposit for any of the current Betika bonuses, so using the company’s special offers is free. Such democracy allows to use all the functions of the company on maximum, as well as increase profits.

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The benefits of jackpot unique bonuses from Betika

The list of promotional offers is quite wide, which is the main advantage of the company. The main one is Betika free jackpot bonus, which is different by regularity of provision and conditions. Only a registered account is required.

Among other advantages:

  1. High amount of prize money – it is possible to win up to a million shillings.
  2. Simple conditions – low odds limits and large winning ranges are not a problem how to use Betika bonus.
  3. Regularity – there are both daily and weekly prize draws for players. In addition, there are regular draws over a certain period, which are constantly updated.

In addition, bettors are not limited to these advantages, because apart from sports, they can try their luck in Betika lucky 6, which increases the probability of winning. Review shows that the bonus program Betika, although small enough, still provides a number of opportunities for each client.Get Super Bonus

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